Law and Order Careers

It can be really good to think that you could do a job that will help to keep crime at bay. It can be empowering to think that you could have an influence on society and protect people from coming to harm. There are people that therefore choose to go in to the police force. However, some people find this is too hands on, some do not like the police clothing and others would just prefer an indoor job.

An alternative is therefore a career in law. This does take a lot of study and so if you are not academic, then it may not be for you. You will need a law degree and then do further work to pass your bar exams. You will need to keep up with all the latest changes to the law as well as results of recent cases. It is a lot of hard work, but is very well paid. It can be satisfying knowing that you will be helping to prosecute people that has done wrong and protect people who have had wrong done to them.

police clothing

Both careers have a lot of contact with people and so you will need to be sociable and polite. You will also need to be able to keep good control of your temper but also be firm when needed. Both jobs require a high level of professionalism and confidentiality.

Despite their similarities, a career in the police force is very different to a career in law. As a police officer you will be at the crime scene, sometimes in dangerous situations and often in highly emotional circumstances. As a lawyer things can also get emotional but you will be in an office or court room. The lawyer will face less danger and have a less physical role.

A police officer will have the opportunity to work through the force and get promotions if they work hard. In law, you tend to be part of a small company and could possibly work up to a partner but there is not the same sort of promotion opportunity. However, a lawyer’s salary starts off higher than a police officer’s does.

Both take a lot of hard work, but a police officer may need to do shift work. A lawyer will not need to work shifts but they may need to work long hours to research difficult cases and to keep their knowledge up to date.