Revising for Law Exams

Everyone knows that a big part of getting good qualifications is to do well at the exams. However, some people are better at exams than others and it is worth trying a few techniques to help you to get the best possible grade.

With law, you will be expected to know about past cases and laws which are relevant to the subject you are studying. It is therefore a good idea to do some practice questions to see how much you have remembered. You should be able to ask your tutor to give you some and also you should be able to find some online. It might be a good idea to ask other people on the course about how they revise. They might have some really good methods. An important thing to remember is that we all take in information differently and so it is a good idea to try a selection of different techniques to remember things.

Some people just read things over, some say them out loud, some apply the information, some walk around while saying the information, some record it and then play it back. There are lots of things that you can try and it is a good idea to try many because you may find that the method you are using is not the best one for you. We all function differently and some find certain senses are more receptive than others and so some may find reading is best but others may find speaking, listening or touch are better which is why it is a good idea to try all of these and see what works best.

It may feel a bit unnatural or even silly, to talk things through animatedly, but it could really help you to remember it and you will find it worthwhile when you get good exam marks.