Giving your career a kickstart in 2015

With 2015 now well and truly underway, you might be keen to kickstart your career. Whether you’re yet to land your first proper role or you’re already in work but are in need of a change, here are some simple suggestions that should help you to follow your dreams.

Consider your options

First and foremost, consider your options. There are so many different potential avenues to explore and a good way to get a clear idea of what’s out there is to take a look at the jobs being advertised right now. For example, you can peruse the opportunities advertised on the websites of recruitment specialists. Whether you’re after oil & gas jobs from Anglo, you’re keen to check out roles in the legal field or anything else, this process can open up a wealth of new possibilities. You might come across roles that you’d never even thought of.


To stand a chance of landing these positions, you may require extra training or qualifications, but don’t let this put you off. Investing your time, effort and potentially money in a course now may help to secure you more rewarding and lucrative work further down the line.

Improve your CV

It’s also important to take a long, hard look at your CV. If you’re not careful, this document could let you down when you apply for roles. It almost goes without saying that your resume must read well and be free of mistakes. However, there’s much more to creating an appealing CV than that. For example, even if you’ve dabbled in a range of industries, your resume should always be customised to the specific jobs you’re applying for, emphasising only the relevant skills and experience. Leave out irrelevant details as they will simply serve to dilute your pitch.

Also, make sure you keep the document succinct and to the point. Hiring managers won’t have the time or patience to read reams of text. In addition, you should use your CV to convince employers that you will be a good return on their investment. Mention qualities that make you stand out, and back these up with clear evidence.

These days, it’s worth including a URL to your profile on social sites like LinkedIn too. Managers are taking an increasing interest in these channels as a way of gleaning information about job candidates.

Make connections

Another way to give your career a boost is to network. After all, the more people you know, the more opportunities you’ll be exposed to. You can make connections with potential employers and people in your industry online via career focussed social networks. You may also benefit from attending any relevant networking events in your area. If you do, make sure you take business cards with you so that you can offer your contact details to interested parties quickly and easily.

By following tips like these, you should find it easier to get your career on track over the coming weeks and months.