Six Tips To Help You Decide Which Branch Of Law Is Right For You

When looking to get into law, many do not have a clue which area of the law they want to concentrate on and work in. This is a mistake and can lead to problems down the road. Furthermore, while in school, a student with direction will have a better time and get more about of the experience. With that in mind, here are six tips for a student who needs help deciding on which direction to take in the legal field. Future: Of course, when getting a job, it is important to think of the […]

Ways To Appeal Against Your Speeding Fine

Going 87mph in a 50mph speed zone is liable to get you slapped with a speeding ticket. Andrew “Freddie” Flintoff discovered this in 2008, but fortunately his lawyer was bright enough to find a loophole: the police hadn’t issued the fine within the designated time limit. There you go. But you don’t need to have the money to afford a fancy motoring offence solicitor to appeal your speeding fine successfully. The technology that the law enforcement uses to detect your speed is by no means watertight, so it’s always worth challenging a fine, when it […]

Do You Know How Money Laundering Works?

Although money laundering sounds a bit like leaving a tenner in your jeans and putting it through the wash, it’s a very serious criminal activity that occurs in almost every single country in the world. At its simplest, money laundering is the act of masking the source of your cash – so get shift money laundering legal advice if affected. Money may seem anonymous to us, but it can actually link you to illegal activity, if you’re a criminal and you don’t cover your tracks. The most common criminals who utilise money laundering are: embezzlers, […]

Safety Precautions to Avoid a Brain Injury

You’d be amazed at how commonplace traumatic head injuries are. In the US alone, 1.5 million Americans are victims of head injuries and 80,000 of these patients are permanently damaged from the accident. The most common causes of brain injuries are: car accidents, bicycle or motorbike accidents, falls, sports, and acts of violence. Then number of police and medical help in our society is decreasing, so being more cautious can help with this. What Are The Symptoms? Be aware that symptoms may not develop fully for a few days. Loss of consciousness is an obvious […]

Letter of intent

In order to create a legally binding agreement, there must be offer and acceptance, contractual intention and consideration. The provisions of the contract must be certain. Otherwise, the innocent party will not be able to enforce a contract upon a breach of any of the terms and claim damages. If any of the provisions in the contract are uncertain, then the agreement is not binding and cannot be enforced as contract. The court refers to such an agreement as a ‘Letter of Intent’. However, sometimes a letter of intent is prepared intentionally to reflect the […]

There Are Lots of Legal Jobs and Recruiting Options – Don’t Get Discouraged

Are you a budding law student? Do you have hopes of entering the legal industry? If so, then you need to know that there are lots of legal jobs and recruitment options out there. You do need to make sure that you keep your eyes open and have your attitude focused in the right direction. The best thing to do with this here is to look at what you honestly want to achieve in the legal industry. If you haven’t moved into that specialty, you can always read up on it. Showing that you’ve at […]

An Accident Claims Solicitor Allows You To Pursue Just Compensation

An accident that isn’t your fault turns your world upside down — and for that, we’re definitely sorry. However, what you have to do from here is pursue the compensation that you deserve. This means that you don’t just go back to your ordinary life. You need to make sure that you’re thinking about the bigger picture. If you have to miss work because of an accident that wasn’t even your fault, how will you take care of the people that love you and count on you? When people depend on us, we want to […]

Keep Advised of these UK Personal Injury Claims!

The personal injury industry is always changing, and it’s starting to make UK consumers pay attention. Let’s be honest — nobody wants to be in an accident. Nobody wants to have their life put on hold. Nobody wants to feel like there just no way out. There’s nothing like the panic and fear that comes from knowing you don’t have things put together. It’s something that can be very stressful to all parties involved, including your children. This is where compensation comes into play. If you’ve been wronged, you deserve to be compensated as much […]

What Do Insurance Companies Really Have to Do With Personal Injury

If you’re trying to wade through all of the personal injury stuff on your own, chances are good that you’re overwhelmed. That’s what this series is actually all about. I’m trying to cut through the myths and really tell you what you need to know about personal injury. If you are looking at this information so that you know what you’re talking about in front of a lawyer, this is a good thing. However, if you’re going to try to go it alone, this is definitely not the best option at all. The reality is […]

Brain Injuries and Personal Injury Compensation

If you or a family member has suffered a brain injury, it’s time to fight back. Normally I’m not as aggressive as I am right now, but after hearing so many people opting not to look for compensation out of a desire not to look “greedy”, I felt that it was time to actually step back and say something. You might not like being talked to this way, and I definitely apologize. All I’m really trying to get you to see is how important this topic is. First and foremost, you’re never going to be […]