A Lasting Power of Attorney Is Downright Necessary These Days

The pension freedom news is a good thing for over 55s, but even if you’re not in this category yet it doesn’t hurt to think about all of your options. Now, if you’re already approaching the pension stage, you need to think about not just how you’ll live, but backup plans designed to keep your life running smoothly. Believe it or not, a lasting power of attorney is one of those backup plans. Look, I know that no one wants to think about the day where they might be too sick to even realise what […]

3 Reasons Why Hiring a Mediator is a Very Good Thing

Most people don’t think about court unless the worst happens: a lawsuit, a criminal offense, or a traffic violation. Facing a divorce? Dealing with custody issues? Trying to get someone else to pay for damages they caused? Your first thought might be to head to court directly, but there are problems with this approach. You see, court can cost a lot of money because you need to get a good lawyer on your side. They will not only handle every piece of the case, but they have to do a lot of research. It goes […]

Understanding the Mandatory Arbitration Process

Locked into a dispute? Not sure which way to turn? It’s time to look at arbitration. If you’ve never heard of arbitration, all of this sounds new. But a lot of people have been exposed to arbitration and don’t even realize it. In many contracts for cell phone service or even employment, there are clauses in the contract to allow for arbitration rather than a traditional trial with a full jury. Why is that? Well, arbitration is a lot cheaper for businesses than a full court trial. It means that they can prepare their arguments […]

How to Find a Good Lawyer

Whether you’ve found yourself in trouble with the law or you’re the prosecutor in a civil case, finding a good lawyer is important. While you might find many qualified experts in the field of law who live in your area, you might find yourself struggling to find the best person to contact. Here are some of the things to keep in mind when looking for a good lawyer: Ask people for recommendations You might be surprised at how many of your friends have been in contact with a lawyer in the past. Perhaps they’ve had […]

Giving your career a kickstart in 2015

With 2015 now well and truly underway, you might be keen to kickstart your career. Whether you’re yet to land your first proper role or you’re already in work but are in need of a change, here are some simple suggestions that should help you to follow your dreams. Consider your options First and foremost, consider your options. There are so many different potential avenues to explore and a good way to get a clear idea of what’s out there is to take a look at the jobs being advertised right now. For example, you […]

Don’t Let Summer Accidents Go Unaccounted For

The summer holiday season might be over, but if you’ve been hurt while on holiday things may not be as settled as you think. Holiday accidents are on the rise and getting a claim taken care of can be harder than it looks. What happens when you’ve been involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault? What happens when you can’t work? A lot of people assume that everyone is off work in the summer months, but that isn’t the case. Even if you’ve managed to get some holiday time, you’re still going to have […]

All you need to know about Wills

A will is a legal document that decides what should happen to your estate (your property, possessions and money) when you die. Really everyone should have one, but in the UK most people (60 – 70%) die without a valid will. That means they die ‘intestate’ and the rules of intestacy will apply to their estate. Those rules may well not distribute your estate in the way you would wish. For example, if you have a partner but you are not married (and you are not in a civil partnership with a same-sex partner), the […]

Accident Compensation Claim Solicitors

Negligence Litigation Not everyone who sustains personal injury in an accident is entitled to claim compensation. In order for accident compensation claim solicitors to succeed in negligence litigation it is necessary to show that a third party was at fault and was responsible for causing the accident. In order to prove negligence it must be shown, that the 3rd party, who may in due course become a defendant in legal action, failed to take reasonable care for the safety of others. Definition of Negligence An accident compensation claim solicitor will rely on many different definitions […]

No Win No Fee Personal Injury Cases Really Do Exist

If there’s one question that gets asked over and over again, it would definitely be whether or not no win no fee personal injury cases really exist. That’s something that a lot of people get into because they think that it’s too good to be true. So they feel like it’s a giant scam, especially when they could really use legal representation in case. The truth is that there are many lawyers that take on personal injury cases on a contingency basis. This means that if you don’t win your case, they will not charge […]

Get Professional Help When It’s Time to Say Goodbye to Debt

Debt is a major problem in our society. It doesn’t take much to see that — we have advertisements about credit, but very few advertisements about how to actually take care of our finances. Given this imbalance, it’s really no surprise that so many Americans are facing trouble with their finances. There may have been a point in your life where you had no problem managing your family’s finances. However, you may have run into a tough position — a reduction in pay, having to move to a more expensive area. Little by little, things […]