The Steps to Take If You Have Been Wrongly Fired from Your Job

Every day you hear of someone who lost their job and feel as though they were wrongfully fired. While there are times when they were rightfully let go due to such things as insubordination, perpetual tardiness or simply for being unable to handle the duties assigned to them. Other times, it could be a matter of a personality conflict, being falsely accused of something and even when the boss has a friend or family member they would rather hire in your place and in violation of an employment contract. Violation of employment contracts could very […]

Understanding the Benefits of Digitizing Legal Documents

Paperwork is an inseparable part of legal proceedings. Almost every part of the law requires some form of documentation. In recent years, however, digital files have become more common. Even top law firms and their clients are switching to digital forms and digitized legal documents for various reasons. It is easy to see why making the switch to digital forms and files is a must. The available solutions are more capable and deliver a better user experience. At the same time, they also offer more benefits to law firms and corporations alike. We are going […]

Insolvent: Effects and legal consequences of bankruptcy

Sometimes, bankruptcy is inevitable. You understand the consequences of filing for bankruptcy and you have decided what is best for your future. In view of this, what do you think about taking the next step and declaring bankruptcy? Many people decide to hire a bankruptcy attorney before formally filing for bankruptcy. In most cases, this is an important step because a lawyer often produces more favorable results than you could achieve for yourself. A lawyer is particularly important if you need to talk with your creditors. Usually, the federal bankruptcy law requires bankruptcy filers to […]

Truck Accident Law: What You Need to Know

Trucks, particularly commercial trucks carrying a cargo, are not only bigger than the average vehicles, but heavier as well. When an accident involves a truck and smaller vehicles, the smaller vehicles and their passengers are usually the ones getting damaged and injured the most. The regulations and laws surrounding truck accidents are designed to take these factors into consideration. Here are some of the most important things you have to know about truck accident law. Driver Conduct Matters The trucking industry is a heavily regulated industry, particularly when it comes to safety. There are regulations […]

PPI Claims get Attention Fast – Here’s Why

If you’re trying to protect your finances, it’s time to look back into your financial history. As they say, those that do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. The best way to go back in time so to speak would be to look at your past contracts. Surprised? Did you think we were going to do like most columns and talk about your past monthly bills? That’s one place to begin, but we don’t think that it’s the best place to really dig into the financial leaks that are running your budget […]

Revealed – Salaries for new Lawyers are on the Rise, with one Big Catch

New lawyers, listen up: you have a great amount of control over how much you make as you begin your career. Practicing law is a time-honored tradition, but who said tradition doesn’t pay? Salaries for new layers are on the rise, but it really does depend on where you live. So, with that “big catch” out of the way, which specialties and locations bring the biggest salaries? We’re glad you asked? See, we found out that BCL Legal Recruitment came out with a new report about this very subject. If you’re out of the loop, […]

3 Shocking Truths about Not Having a Will

Are you thinking about your death? Do you already see yourself lying in a grave? Of course, the first two questions asked here are ridiculous. Very few people are thinking about their death in such direct terms. Yet all of us are going to have to face death sooner or later. How will your family survive living without you? How far have you come when it comes to preparing for this time? Most people haven’t done much of anything because they don’t want to come to terms with it. We’re not judging at all; it’s […]

A Lasting Power of Attorney Is Downright Necessary These Days

The pension freedom news is a good thing for over 55s, but even if you’re not in this category yet it doesn’t hurt to think about all of your options. Now, if you’re already approaching the pension stage, you need to think about not just how you’ll live, but backup plans designed to keep your life running smoothly. Believe it or not, a lasting power of attorney is one of those backup plans. Look, I know that no one wants to think about the day where they might be too sick to even realise what […]

3 Reasons Why Hiring a Mediator is a Very Good Thing

Most people don’t think about court unless the worst happens: a lawsuit, a criminal offense, or a traffic violation. Facing a divorce? Dealing with custody issues? Trying to get someone else to pay for damages they caused? Your first thought might be to head to court directly, but there are problems with this approach. You see, court can cost a lot of money because you need to get a good lawyer on your side. They will not only handle every piece of the case, but they have to do a lot of research. It goes […]

Understanding the Mandatory Arbitration Process

Locked into a dispute? Not sure which way to turn? It’s time to look at arbitration. If you’ve never heard of arbitration, all of this sounds new. But a lot of people have been exposed to arbitration and don’t even realize it. In many contracts for cell phone service or even employment, there are clauses in the contract to allow for arbitration rather than a traditional trial with a full jury. Why is that? Well, arbitration is a lot cheaper for businesses than a full court trial. It means that they can prepare their arguments […]