What is a Paralegal?

Today when lingo is often adjusting, the actual terminology itself and what’s related to certain words is frequently perplexing and this can definitely end up being the situation in the event that you are thinking about paralegal certification as part of your career training. In the legal industry, an illustration of this is that although words including legal assistant, paralegal, and legal secretary, are generally used consistently, it may keep many individuals questioning exactly what these types of jobs include, in addition to whether or not there’s any kind of substantial distinction between them. Soon […]

Brits want the right to seek access to justice, new survey reveals

Would you want your loved ones to make a claim? 88% say ‘Yes’. Should we claim for injuries caused by occupational hazards? 95% say ‘Yes’. Despite recent government moves to crack down on unscrupulous no win no fee lawyers, a new survey reveals that the British public still believe they should be able to able to claim for compensation if they are injured at work. Research commissioned by the UK’s biggest claims company, National Accident Helpline, reveals many Brits still believe that people who are injured through no fault of their own, should be able […]

How Long will a Personal Injury Claim Take?

For many people, one of the main concerns about making a personal injury claim is, ‘how long will it take?’ Of course, you’ll want to settle as quickly as possible – the longer it goes on for, the more money it’s likely to cost you. Yet, solicitors will struggle to give you a timeframe. The real answer is that every case is different and it truly depends on which hurdles you have to face. Here are some of the factors that could hold you up: The Healing Period What many victims of personal injuries forget […]

Why Business Growth Should be Your Primary SMART Objective

During difficult economic times, it can be very challenging for businesses to experience growth. Business objectives can be clouded with financial worries. One way to ensure your company stays on track is to implement a SMART marketing strategy. The SMART approach is an effective tool for creating marketing campaigns that will deliver your objectives and produce tangible results. The SMART approach can also be used in other areas, such as project management, employee-performance management and personal development. Human resources departments often incorporate SMART objectives into the appraisal process. Another use for SMART objectives is in […]

Speed Cameras: Do They Stop Road Accidents?

The big, yellow box. Most motorists fear it and hit the brakes, once it comes into sight. Some of us even have our SatNavs set to identify latent speed cameras before they spot us! To many, speed cameras are there to make a profit out of motorists for the government, by charging expensive speed fines. For others, speed cameras are a necessary evil, to enforce driving speed limits on those who are not responsible drivers. But the question on everyone’s lips is: do they really cut road accidents? Or are they just a roadside nuisance? […]

Great Social Media Strategies For Legal Professionals Do Exist!

Legal professionals across the board have a lot more to deal with now than in the past. The past course of action was to just assume all business would be conducted in the office, with prospects coming in at all hours to discuss pressing legal concerns. The office would then work as a whole to get things fixed and people would begin to move on with their day. However, the competition has increased in such a way where there are so many lawyers that you cannot just assume that your leads will come into the […]

Six Tips To Help You Decide Which Branch Of Law Is Right For You

When looking to get into law, many do not have a clue which area of the law they want to concentrate on and work in. This is a mistake and can lead to problems down the road. Furthermore, while in school, a student with direction will have a better time and get more about of the experience. With that in mind, here are six tips for a student who needs help deciding on which direction to take in the legal field. Future: Of course, when getting a job, it is important to think of the […]

Ways To Appeal Against Your Speeding Fine

Going 87mph in a 50mph speed zone is liable to get you slapped with a speeding ticket. Andrew “Freddie” Flintoff discovered this in 2008, but fortunately his lawyer was bright enough to find a loophole: the police hadn’t issued the fine within the designated time limit. There you go. But you don’t need to have the money to afford a fancy motoring offence solicitor to appeal your speeding fine successfully. The technology that the law enforcement uses to detect your speed is by no means watertight, so it’s always worth challenging a fine, when it […]

Do You Know How Money Laundering Works?

Although money laundering sounds a bit like leaving a tenner in your jeans and putting it through the wash, it’s a very serious criminal activity that occurs in almost every single country in the world. At its simplest, money laundering is the act of masking the source of your cash – so get shift money laundering legal advice if affected. Money may seem anonymous to us, but it can actually link you to illegal activity, if you’re a criminal and you don’t cover your tracks. The most common criminals who utilise money laundering are: embezzlers, […]

Safety Precautions to Avoid a Brain Injury

You’d be amazed at how commonplace traumatic head injuries are. In the US alone, 1.5 million Americans are victims of head injuries and 80,000 of these patients are permanently damaged from the accident. The most common causes of brain injuries are: car accidents, bicycle or motorbike accidents, falls, sports, and acts of violence. Then number of police and medical help in our society is decreasing, so being more cautious can help with this. What Are The Symptoms? Be aware that symptoms may not develop fully for a few days. Loss of consciousness is an obvious […]