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A Brief Insight Into White Collar Crime

What’s the first thing you should do after you commit a crime and are arrested? The most popular answer here is call your lawyer but what if you have committed a white collar crime and your lawyer knows nothing, or very little, about this side of the law? In this scenario you would be far wiser to call a good lawyer who specializes in white collar crime as you then know you have an expert fighting your corner. What is a White Collar Crime? It does not, as the name would imply, mean that you […]

What You Need to Know About Filing a Personal Injury Claim on Behalf of Your Child

Most adults are familiar with the concept of the personal injury claim, what they are for, and how they work. But what about if your child is the one who is injured? They can’t pursue a claim themselves, but you can pursue one on their behalf. Royalty Free Photo When Can I File a Claim? In general, the rules for filing personal injury claims on behalf of children are exactly the same as they are for adults. That is to say, the injury must have arisen as the result of an accident ultimately caused by […]

Tips for Working Through an Estate Dispute

There can be all sorts of reasons for people to dispute the estate of a deceased loved one and it often causes conflict in families that have got on perfectly fine until this happens. The secret to sorting out an estate dispute that is acceptable to all parties is to try and reduce the conflict as much as possible. Here are a few tips to help you. Royalty Free Photo Keep Calm One of the most important things with any dispute is to keep calm. An attitude of anger and disrespect will just inflame the […]

6 steps to take after in injury at work

Injured yourself at work? It’s a confusing, overwhelming and stressful time. Why has this happened to me? I can’t work, now what? How will I support my family? How do I begin legal action? Deciding to pursue legal action after an accident at work that wasn’t your fault is a big commitment. It takes courage, determination and a good lawyer to help you see it through – check out lawyers in Long Island if you’re looking for representation – but what are the initial steps you should take? Everything you do from the moment you […]

How to Write a Law School Essay from Scratch

When students are studying a law course, there comes a point where they need an essay regarding a topic provided to them. These topics can be very challenging because the law is something that changes all the time. To get a very good mark, a legal essay needs to be cohesive and well research. Below is how a student can write an amazing law school essay from scratch: Pick an Amazing Topic An essay will not get off the ground without a topic and this is something that is provided by tutors. If a topic […]

What You need to know about Business Litigation

Sometimes business disputes are unavoidable, making it necessary to contact business litigation lawyers in Melbourne for legal advice. It’s the role of a business litigation lawyer to resolve any legal disputes between business partners, suppliers, advisors and landlords/tenants. They also work with tribunals of all kinds across the state. Business litigation lawyers are therefore the best professionals to visit when you’re experiencing a business dispute. Read on to find out everything you need to know before visiting business litigation lawyers in Melbourne. Disputes Business Litigation Lawyers Cover Business litigation lawyers in Melbourne have the necessary […]

What New Lead Paint Laws Mean for Homebuilders

Tighter regulations on lead paint intended to reduce lead poisoning were originally passed in 2008. New lead paint rules are affecting everyone from landlords to remodelers to home builders as rules intended to reduce the risk of lead poisoning have come into effect. Here is what new lead paint laws mean for homebuilders and the construction industry as a whole. An Overview of the Rules Lead paint laws went into effect in 2010 requiring any renovation on homes built before 1978 to be done by a certified contractor. Certified contractors themselves are trained in safe […]

The Steps to Take If You Have Been Wrongly Fired from Your Job

Every day you hear of someone who lost their job and feel as though they were wrongfully fired. While there are times when they were rightfully let go due to such things as insubordination, perpetual tardiness or simply for being unable to handle the duties assigned to them. Other times, it could be a matter of a personality conflict, being falsely accused of something and even when the boss has a friend or family member they would rather hire in your place and in violation of an employment contract. Violation of employment contracts could very […]

Understanding the Benefits of Digitizing Legal Documents

Paperwork is an inseparable part of legal proceedings. Almost every part of the law requires some form of documentation. In recent years, however, digital files have become more common. Even top law firms and their clients are switching to digital forms and digitized legal documents for various reasons. It is easy to see why making the switch to digital forms and files is a must. The available solutions are more capable and deliver a better user experience. At the same time, they also offer more benefits to law firms and corporations alike. We are going […]

Insolvent: Effects and legal consequences of bankruptcy

Sometimes, bankruptcy is inevitable. You understand the consequences of filing for bankruptcy and you have decided what is best for your future. In view of this, what do you think about taking the next step and declaring bankruptcy? Many people decide to hire a bankruptcy attorney before formally filing for bankruptcy. In most cases, this is an important step because a lawyer often produces more favorable results than you could achieve for yourself. A lawyer is particularly important if you need to talk with your creditors. Usually, the federal bankruptcy law requires bankruptcy filers to […]

Truck Accident Law: What You Need to Know

Trucks, particularly commercial trucks carrying a cargo, are not only bigger than the average vehicles, but heavier as well. When an accident involves a truck and smaller vehicles, the smaller vehicles and their passengers are usually the ones getting damaged and injured the most. The regulations and laws surrounding truck accidents are designed to take these factors into consideration. Here are some of the most important things you have to know about truck accident law. Driver Conduct Matters The trucking industry is a heavily regulated industry, particularly when it comes to safety. There are regulations […]

Revealed – Salaries for new Lawyers are on the Rise, with one Big Catch

New lawyers, listen up: you have a great amount of control over how much you make as you begin your career. Practicing law is a time-honored tradition, but who said tradition doesn’t pay? Salaries for new layers are on the rise, but it really does depend on where you live. So, with that “big catch” out of the way, which specialties and locations bring the biggest salaries? We’re glad you asked? See, we found out that BCL Legal Recruitment came out with a new report about this very subject. If you’re out of the loop, […]

3 Shocking Truths about Not Having a Will

Are you thinking about your death? Do you already see yourself lying in a grave? Of course, the first two questions asked here are ridiculous. Very few people are thinking about their death in such direct terms. Yet all of us are going to have to face death sooner or later. How will your family survive living without you? How far have you come when it comes to preparing for this time? Most people haven’t done much of anything because they don’t want to come to terms with it. We’re not judging at all; it’s […]

A Lasting Power of Attorney Is Downright Necessary These Days

The pension freedom news is a good thing for over 55s, but even if you’re not in this category yet it doesn’t hurt to think about all of your options. Now, if you’re already approaching the pension stage, you need to think about not just how you’ll live, but backup plans designed to keep your life running smoothly. Believe it or not, a lasting power of attorney is one of those backup plans. Look, I know that no one wants to think about the day where they might be too sick to even realise what […]

3 Reasons Why Hiring a Mediator is a Very Good Thing

Most people don’t think about court unless the worst happens: a lawsuit, a criminal offense, or a traffic violation. Facing a divorce? Dealing with custody issues? Trying to get someone else to pay for damages they caused? Your first thought might be to head to court directly, but there are problems with this approach. You see, court can cost a lot of money because you need to get a good lawyer on your side. They will not only handle every piece of the case, but they have to do a lot of research. It goes […]

Understanding the Mandatory Arbitration Process

Locked into a dispute? Not sure which way to turn? It’s time to look at arbitration. If you’ve never heard of arbitration, all of this sounds new. But a lot of people have been exposed to arbitration and don’t even realize it. In many contracts for cell phone service or even employment, there are clauses in the contract to allow for arbitration rather than a traditional trial with a full jury. Why is that? Well, arbitration is a lot cheaper for businesses than a full court trial. It means that they can prepare their arguments […]

How to Find a Good Lawyer

Whether you’ve found yourself in trouble with the law or you’re the prosecutor in a civil case, finding a good lawyer is important. While you might find many qualified experts in the field of law who live in your area, you might find yourself struggling to find the best person to contact. Here are some of the things to keep in mind when looking for a good lawyer: Ask people for recommendations You might be surprised at how many of your friends have been in contact with a lawyer in the past. Perhaps they’ve had […]

Don’t Let Summer Accidents Go Unaccounted For

The summer holiday season might be over, but if you’ve been hurt while on holiday things may not be as settled as you think. Holiday accidents are on the rise and getting a claim taken care of can be harder than it looks. What happens when you’ve been involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault? What happens when you can’t work? A lot of people assume that everyone is off work in the summer months, but that isn’t the case. Even if you’ve managed to get some holiday time, you’re still going to have […]

All you need to know about Wills

A will is a legal document that decides what should happen to your estate (your property, possessions and money) when you die. Really everyone should have one, but in the UK most people (60 – 70%) die without a valid will. That means they die ‘intestate’ and the rules of intestacy will apply to their estate. Those rules may well not distribute your estate in the way you would wish. For example, if you have a partner but you are not married (and you are not in a civil partnership with a same-sex partner), the […]

Accident Compensation Claim Solicitors

Negligence Litigation Not everyone who sustains personal injury in an accident is entitled to claim compensation. In order for accident compensation claim solicitors to succeed in negligence litigation it is necessary to show that a third party was at fault and was responsible for causing the accident. In order to prove negligence it must be shown, that the 3rd party, who may in due course become a defendant in legal action, failed to take reasonable care for the safety of others. Definition of Negligence An accident compensation claim solicitor will rely on many different definitions […]

No Win No Fee Personal Injury Cases Really Do Exist

If there’s one question that gets asked over and over again, it would definitely be whether or not no win no fee personal injury cases really exist. That’s something that a lot of people get into because they think that it’s too good to be true. So they feel like it’s a giant scam, especially when they could really use legal representation in case. The truth is that there are many lawyers that take on personal injury cases on a contingency basis. This means that if you don’t win your case, they will not charge […]

Get Professional Help When It’s Time to Say Goodbye to Debt

Debt is a major problem in our society. It doesn’t take much to see that — we have advertisements about credit, but very few advertisements about how to actually take care of our finances. Given this imbalance, it’s really no surprise that so many Americans are facing trouble with their finances. There may have been a point in your life where you had no problem managing your family’s finances. However, you may have run into a tough position — a reduction in pay, having to move to a more expensive area. Little by little, things […]

What is a Paralegal?

Today when lingo is often adjusting, the actual terminology itself and what’s related to certain words is frequently perplexing and this can definitely end up being the situation in the event that you are thinking about paralegal certification as part of your career training. In the legal industry, an illustration of this is that although words including legal assistant, paralegal, and legal secretary, are generally used consistently, it may keep many individuals questioning exactly what these types of jobs include, in addition to whether or not there’s any kind of substantial distinction between them. Soon […]

Brits want the right to seek access to justice, new survey reveals

Would you want your loved ones to make a claim? 88% say ‘Yes’. Should we claim for injuries caused by occupational hazards? 95% say ‘Yes’. Despite recent government moves to crack down on unscrupulous no win no fee lawyers, a new survey reveals that the British public still believe they should be able to able to claim for compensation if they are injured at work. Research commissioned by the UK’s biggest claims company, National Accident Helpline, reveals many Brits still believe that people who are injured through no fault of their own, should be able […]

How Long will a Personal Injury Claim Take?

For many people, one of the main concerns about making a personal injury claim is, ‘how long will it take?’ Of course, you’ll want to settle as quickly as possible – the longer it goes on for, the more money it’s likely to cost you. Yet, solicitors will struggle to give you a timeframe. The real answer is that every case is different and it truly depends on which hurdles you have to face. Here are some of the factors that could hold you up: The Healing Period What many victims of personal injuries forget […]

Why Business Growth Should be Your Primary SMART Objective

During difficult economic times, it can be very challenging for businesses to experience growth. Business objectives can be clouded with financial worries. One way to ensure your company stays on track is to implement a SMART marketing strategy. The SMART approach is an effective tool for creating marketing campaigns that will deliver your objectives and produce tangible results. The SMART approach can also be used in other areas, such as project management, employee-performance management and personal development. Human resources departments often incorporate SMART objectives into the appraisal process. Another use for SMART objectives is in […]

Speed Cameras: Do They Stop Road Accidents?

The big, yellow box. Most motorists fear it and hit the brakes, once it comes into sight. Some of us even have our SatNavs set to identify latent speed cameras before they spot us! To many, speed cameras are there to make a profit out of motorists for the government, by charging expensive speed fines. For others, speed cameras are a necessary evil, to enforce driving speed limits on those who are not responsible drivers. But the question on everyone’s lips is: do they really cut road accidents? Or are they just a roadside nuisance? […]

Great Social Media Strategies For Legal Professionals Do Exist!

Legal professionals across the board have a lot more to deal with now than in the past. The past course of action was to just assume all business would be conducted in the office, with prospects coming in at all hours to discuss pressing legal concerns. The office would then work as a whole to get things fixed and people would begin to move on with their day. However, the competition has increased in such a way where there are so many lawyers that you cannot just assume that your leads will come into the […]

Six Tips To Help You Decide Which Branch Of Law Is Right For You

When looking to get into law, many do not have a clue which area of the law they want to concentrate on and work in. This is a mistake and can lead to problems down the road. Furthermore, while in school, a student with direction will have a better time and get more about of the experience. With that in mind, here are six tips for a student who needs help deciding on which direction to take in the legal field. Future: Of course, when getting a job, it is important to think of the […]

Ways To Appeal Against Your Speeding Fine

Going 87mph in a 50mph speed zone is liable to get you slapped with a speeding ticket. Andrew “Freddie” Flintoff discovered this in 2008, but fortunately his lawyer was bright enough to find a loophole: the police hadn’t issued the fine within the designated time limit. There you go. But you don’t need to have the money to afford a fancy motoring offence solicitor to appeal your speeding fine successfully. The technology that the law enforcement uses to detect your speed is by no means watertight, so it’s always worth challenging a fine, when it […]

Do You Know How Money Laundering Works?

Although money laundering sounds a bit like leaving a tenner in your jeans and putting it through the wash, it’s a very serious criminal activity that occurs in almost every single country in the world. At its simplest, money laundering is the act of masking the source of your cash – so get shift money laundering legal advice if affected. Money may seem anonymous to us, but it can actually link you to illegal activity, if you’re a criminal and you don’t cover your tracks. The most common criminals who utilise money laundering are: embezzlers, […]

Safety Precautions to Avoid a Brain Injury

You’d be amazed at how commonplace traumatic head injuries are. In the US alone, 1.5 million Americans are victims of head injuries and 80,000 of these patients are permanently damaged from the accident. The most common causes of brain injuries are: car accidents, bicycle or motorbike accidents, falls, sports, and acts of violence. Then number of police and medical help in our society is decreasing, so being more cautious can help with this. What Are The Symptoms? Be aware that symptoms may not develop fully for a few days. Loss of consciousness is an obvious […]

Letter of intent

In order to create a legally binding agreement, there must be offer and acceptance, contractual intention and consideration. The provisions of the contract must be certain. Otherwise, the innocent party will not be able to enforce a contract upon a breach of any of the terms and claim damages. If any of the provisions in the contract are uncertain, then the agreement is not binding and cannot be enforced as contract. The court refers to such an agreement as a ‘Letter of Intent’. However, sometimes a letter of intent is prepared intentionally to reflect the […]

There Are Lots of Legal Jobs and Recruiting Options – Don’t Get Discouraged

Are you a budding law student? Do you have hopes of entering the legal industry? If so, then you need to know that there are lots of legal jobs and recruitment options out there. You do need to make sure that you keep your eyes open and have your attitude focused in the right direction. The best thing to do with this here is to look at what you honestly want to achieve in the legal industry. If you haven’t moved into that specialty, you can always read up on it. Showing that you’ve at […]

An Accident Claims Solicitor Allows You To Pursue Just Compensation

An accident that isn’t your fault turns your world upside down — and for that, we’re definitely sorry. However, what you have to do from here is pursue the compensation that you deserve. This means that you don’t just go back to your ordinary life. You need to make sure that you’re thinking about the bigger picture. If you have to miss work because of an accident that wasn’t even your fault, how will you take care of the people that love you and count on you? When people depend on us, we want to […]

Keep Advised of these UK Personal Injury Claims!

The personal injury industry is always changing, and it’s starting to make UK consumers pay attention. Let’s be honest — nobody wants to be in an accident. Nobody wants to have their life put on hold. Nobody wants to feel like there just no way out. There’s nothing like the panic and fear that comes from knowing you don’t have things put together. It’s something that can be very stressful to all parties involved, including your children. This is where compensation comes into play. If you’ve been wronged, you deserve to be compensated as much […]

What Do Insurance Companies Really Have to Do With Personal Injury

If you’re trying to wade through all of the personal injury stuff on your own, chances are good that you’re overwhelmed. That’s what this series is actually all about. I’m trying to cut through the myths and really tell you what you need to know about personal injury. If you are looking at this information so that you know what you’re talking about in front of a lawyer, this is a good thing. However, if you’re going to try to go it alone, this is definitely not the best option at all. The reality is […]

Brain Injuries and Personal Injury Compensation

If you or a family member has suffered a brain injury, it’s time to fight back. Normally I’m not as aggressive as I am right now, but after hearing so many people opting not to look for compensation out of a desire not to look “greedy”, I felt that it was time to actually step back and say something. You might not like being talked to this way, and I definitely apologize. All I’m really trying to get you to see is how important this topic is. First and foremost, you’re never going to be […]

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Class Action Law

If you are training to become a lawyer, you have probably thought long and hard about what type of law you would like to practice. You have a wide range of choices from criminal, to corporate. And then there’s the area of tort law, including class action suits. A class action suit is a lawsuit filed on behalf of a group, or class, of people seeking compensation for damages caused by a company. The class in question could be consumers, and family members, who have been injured or killed by the company’s product or it, […]

A Paralegal Can Be the Best Thing to Hit Your Practice – Seriously!

Even though paralegals do not interact with the public, they can be a lawyer’s best friend. Busy lawyers have clients to deal with, court appearances, and just about everything else under the sun to think about. Running a busy practice often means feeling like you have to be in two places at the same time. What a bummer. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just get away from all of that and have a little more free time? That’s where the paralegal comes in. The role of a paralegal is to support the lawyer […]

Does Becoming a Lawyer Really make Sense in a Troubled Economy?

Ah, law school. Even in a bad economy, people are seduced every year by its siren song. Applying for law school is a scary process for many, because they worry that they’re just not going to be able to get in. And if they do get in, they worry about not having any good job prospects. It’s time to start thinking about this lawyer thing a little differently. First and foremost, it’s not all about being a trial lawyer, or any other type of lawyer that you see on TV. Lawyers actually have a wide […]

Understanding the Structured Settlement Hype

Look, I might just be a law student, but the truth is that I get a lot of questions about what I think about some hot topic law issues. If you’re not sure what I’m talking about today, I’m going to get to the point — there’s a trend in personal injury cases lately. There’s nothing wrong with personal injury, and I fully believe in the system. If you’re injured and it’s not your fault, you SHOULD be seeking compensation. This might sound shameful to people who have an issue with money anyway, but it’s […]

Choosing the Best Lawyer

When you need a lawyer to help you, then it is very important to make sure that you get the best one for the job. There are many law companies and you need to make sure that the one that you choose to use will be the best one for you. The first thing to do is to speak to family and friends and see whether they have used a lawyer recently. Find out what they thought of them and whether they can make a recommendation. If the lawyer works in a different area to […]

Custody Issues – Get a Lawyer!

The world of legal issues is pretty vast, but there are some people that feel they can navigate it without a lawyer. Even though I am currently involved in legal affairs myself, studying to be a lawyer and all that good stuff, I do feel there is a time and a place to get a lawyer…and a time and a place not to. You don’t always need a lawyer for things that can be easily carried out through forms and a little legal know how. Simple wills? Not an issue. Legal expressions of what you […]

What You Need to Know About Your Legal Issues

There are times in life when the unexpected happens. Whether it is something that happens to you or because of you, these instances can be very frightening and confusing. This is only aggravated when the issue at hand is a legal one. If you are facing or are pursuing a legal action, it is important that you know the right steps to take in navigating through this often complicated process. From knowing what you are facing to finding the appropriate representation, the following are just some of the first steps you may want to consider. […]

Can You Handle a Personal Injury Claim On Your Own?

One of the hardest things to deal with in the world of law is personal injury. Indeed, a lot of people write and ask whether or not they can handle personal injury claims on their own. After all, the insurance company will just contact them, right? Everything will be made normal and they will not have to fight for anything. Folks, if it were that easy, there wouldn’t be so many commercials for solicitors at all! You have to realize that if you have been injured and it’s not your fault, you will need to […]

Don’t Let a Motorcycle Accident Steal Your Life – Or Your Joy!

One of the top things that you must remember if you’ve been involved in a motorcycle accident that wasn’t your fault is that you do have rights. It can be hard to remember that, but it’s best to think about it from the right perspective: your perspective. You might feel a little ashamed at the thought of actually applying to get some sort of compensation. There’s no reason to feel that way about something that you deserved in the first place. What you have to realize is that if you’ve been injured, you’re owed compensation […]

Get Top Notch Advice on Challenging a Will

Look, nobody likes to deal with death. Losing a loved one is one of the hardest things that we’ll go through, and with big families, the chances are good that you’re going to deal with it over and over again. It’s part of life, and coping is very important. You just need to make sure that you’re always focusing on the bigger picture. If there’s a will in place, did you know that it’s not always set in stone who gets what? There may come a time where you have to challenge the will in […]

Medical Negligence

An issue that always seems to be in the news, medical negligence often causes controversy and debate. When you need medical care, you want just that, care. Medical professionals are supposed to be trusted authority figures, but unfortunately, they are only human and can be careless and make mistakes too. And this can have devastating effects on someone’s life, and some mistakes can be fatal. Most care givers, whether they are working in the NHS or in private healthcare, are upstanding individuals whose primary focus is giving you the best care they can. However, there […]

The Conveyancing Fees at In-Deed Online are Less Than You Think

Whether you are trying to buy a new home or sell the old one, one thing is clear: you need to handle conveyancing. Even if you expect the other party to handle it, you might be surprised. Every market is different. Sometimes you might need to show the other party that you’re really willing to move this transaction along by looking at conveyancing in a different way. If you’re not sure what conveyancing is, don’t worry — we have you covered. Conveyancing is actually the process of “checking out” a home before it’s ready to […]

Should You Think about a JD-MBA Degree?

I get this question a lot as a law student. My university does indeed offer dual degrees, and there are benefits and drawbacks. Since it gets asked, I promised I would list it here on the site. What you have to realize is that a JD-MBA is basically double the normal workload that you would expect in law school. Not only are you going to have to keep up with your law homework, but you’re also going to have to keep up with your business homework. That can be a pretty tall order. On top […]

A No Win No Fee Solicitor in Manchester Could Be The Advocate You’re Looking For!

Life is often filled with legal challenges, but that doesn’t mean that you have to let it drag you down. There’s always a good time to look at the challenge ahead of you and think, “I don’t have to face that alone!” You’d actually be right, by the way. In Manchester, there are plenty of solicitors to choose from. Yet given the number of solicitors, why do so many people think that they don’t have any legal recourse except to basically lie down and play dead, so to speak? The truth is that many don’t […]

The Rise of Mortgage Fraud Cases

Ever since the recession began in 2007, we’ve seen a worrying rise in mortgage fraud cases; in fact the figures have almost doubled to 38 in every 10,000 cases. A credit reference agency has commented that further limits to household finances will only increase instances of mortgage fraud in the UK. Total fraud rates have dropped since 2007, but certain sectors have seen an unprecedented rise in false applications. Nine in ten of the mortgage fraud cases intentionally tweak their personal circumstances; usually to hide a poor credit history. However, it’s also common to mislead […]

Jury Vs. Judge Trial

If you have been involved in either criminal or civil litigation, there may have been a time when you were allowed to make a choice between a judge or jury trial. In civil litigation there are certain criteria that have to be met before you can make this choice. Typically this is when you are not eligible for small claims court because the amount you are seeking is more than your state maximum. Each state’s maximum small claims courts allowable maximum is different and can range from $2,500 to $75,500. Anything over that and you […]

Personal Injury Solicitors Work Hard to Get You More Cash

Are you thinking about a personal injury case right now? Chances are good that if you’re the affected party or the family member of the affected party, you want justice — and that’s okay. Some people may try to make you feel ashamed that you want justice when you’ve been wronged, but that’s not always a bad thing. It’s perfectly okay to want someone to compensate you for the pain and suffering that you’ve had to deal with as a result of an accident that wasn’t even your fault. Negligence is something that needs to […]

Give Yourself The Best Business Gift Ever – Professional Legal Advice

Running a business is something that can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be. Of course, your profits will be limited if you have a simple business that gives you no real chance of growth or expansion. If you truly want to expand, you’re going to have to invite a certain degree of complexity into the mix. This is something that just can’t be overlooked at all. What you will ultimately find is that there are a lot of people that think that you shouldn’t have a complicated business at […]

How to Get Financial Advice after a Divorce

Divorce is one of the most painful experiences that you can go through in life and organising finances during this difficult period can be very stressful. While the best advice during divorce is to be honest with each other about your financial situation, the nature of some divorces can lead people to be less than honest about their financial position. This can foster bitterness and acrimony. However, when you do eventually receive a financial settlement from your former partner, would you know who to ask for advice about what to do with the money or […]

Reconsidering Your Law School Dreams

When I first started thinking about this article, I knew it would be controversial. As a law schools student I’m supposed to make you feel like there’s nothing in the world that you can’t accomplish, including going to law school. Law school is supposed to make you feel as powerful as possible. After all, law school is something that’s very hard, and it’s supposed to make you feel like a champion if you survive. That’s true — law school is one of the hardest things that I’ve ever done, and it’s nice to know that […]

What is Attorney Client Privilege?

Criminals are often forced to speak of their crimes in order to get the very best criminal defense possible. If a client can’t speak with his attorney frankly and honestly, then he has no chance of getting the best defense. Attorney client privilege requires the attorney to keep anything the defendant says private and confidential between them. The penalty for breaking this rule is stiff, as an attorney can literally lose their license to practice law. All lawyers take this attorney client privilege very seriously. Many people look at the attorney client privilege and see […]

Lost Your Licence? The Law and Sentencing

Once you’ve had a car for a few years, it becomes almost impossible to imagine a life without it. The convenience of travelling from A to B, without the dictates of unreliable public transport, is all something we take for granted. It becomes such a large part of our lives that we start to see it as a right. One look at the law will tell you that it’s nothing but a luxury; a privilege that can be easily revoked. So how do you go about losing your licence, and how can you avoid such […]

Accidents at Work – How to Make a Claim

Every year over a million people in the United Kingdom have some form of accident at work. Thankfully, for the most part, these are only minor incidents such as a paper cut, but some are far more serious and result in the injured employee having to make a claim against their employer to receive compensation. It really is more common than you would think to trip over a box or fall off a ladder at work. Unfortunately, numerous people sustain injuries at work and could be eligible to make a claim but they decide against […]

Warning against Illegal Solicitors

What’s an illegal solicitor? Usually you find them walking from door-to-door. They masquerade as a representative from a well-known company, without the business’s authorisation. To verify that the door-to-door sales person is legitimate, don’t be afraid to call the local authorities, as the “solicitor” will need permission from the police. They should carry a document that confirms they’ve been given permission to engage with the public. If caught without authorisation, the illegal solicitor can be convicted of fraud. Why are they doing this? For money, unfortunately. Expect illegal solicitors to play on your compassionate nature, […]

Informed Consent and Medical Negligence

If you’re due to undergo any operation, be it cosmetic, dental or medical, before the operation goes ahead, you will be required to sign a form giving your consent to the operation. The main purpose of giving your consent is so that your doctors can do their job properly – but for the consent to be valid, it must be informed. That means that you must be informed of the risks and benefits of the operation so that you have all of the information that you need in order to give your consent to the […]

Corrections and Clarifications of No-Win No-Fees

A life-changing accident is the last thing anyone wants, but with the new changes to personal injury law, things are about to get a lot tougher for victims. After a time of state-funded personal injury litigation, the government introduced conditional agreements (no-win, no-fee) in 1995 to shift the buck from the state, back to the claimant. But with a large chunk of a claimant’s damages going on lawyer’s fees, when the case was a success, victims were left undercompensated, and in some instances, unable to afford future care. 100% Compensation In 1999, Labour solved this […]

Law and Order Careers

It can be really good to think that you could do a job that will help to keep crime at bay. It can be empowering to think that you could have an influence on society and protect people from coming to harm. There are people that therefore choose to go in to the police force. However, some people find this is too hands on, some do not like the police clothing and others would just prefer an indoor job. An alternative is therefore a career in law. This does take a lot of study and […]

The Purpose of a Good Process Server

No one really wants to get into legal trouble, and no one really wants to find themselves having to deal with a legal battle that could stretch on for a lot of time. However, there are just times in life where you need to serve someone papers and start the legal process. A good process server is invaluable for these moments, because they’re going to be able to really make sure that they take care of just about anything and everything that you have to serve someone to begin the court proceedings. The type of […]

Thinking about a Verbal Agreement – Don’t!

One of the most shocking trends is the assumption that what’s said in private between two parties is automatically upheld in court. You need to make absolutely sure that you’re focusing on actually getting as much in writing as you possibly can. Unfortunately when it comes to legal matters, people think that written agreements are either a waste of time (because they could possibly be overturned in court on legal technicalities) or that they take too much time to generate. In addition, some worry that introducing a written agreement means that they will lose whatever […]

Industrial disease regulations, claims and legal support

Adhering to relevant health and safety regulations is in the best interest of both the employer and their workers. A business is legally responsible for protecting its employees while at work. Not having correct safety measures in place can put a workforce at an increased risk of harm, and also lead to a compensation claim if an individual does suffer from an industrial disease or work-related condition. Both employers and employees should be aware of their responsibility in the workplace so everyone can remain protected, and recognise what to do if the environment does not […]

Save Time By Creating Your Own Correspondence Templates!

Anytime you walk into a legal matter, one thing that you can count on is paperwork. It doesn’t matter what you’re going up against — if you want to have any hope of getting the matter taken care of, you will need to either get a lawyer or invest in a good set of correspondence templates. Now, you might feel a little afraid to create yourself a set of correspondence templates, but the truth is that it’s really not that hard to pull off. If you’re really looking to speed up the time of your […]

What to Do After Being Sued By the Credit Card Companies

You Got Served is the title of a comedy movie that’s definitely considered “old school” by today’s standards, but the phrase “You got served!” also has a chilling effect when applied to the world of law and order. Indeed, if you’ve just been served a court summons by a process server or a sheriff, then you will have a lot of decisions ahead of you. For example, what happens when you’ve been notified that you’re being sued by the credit card companies? It’s something that no one wants to really deal with. Of course, if […]

Should You Hire a Lawyer to Prepare a Will?

Generally speaking, no one really wants to think about the day that they’ll die, but the truth is that sooner or later, your family is going to need you to think about it. After all, it’s really all about protecting them and making sure that they have more than what they need to survive if something were to happen to you. If you’re like most people, you’ve already worked hard in life and gotten a few assets that take care of your family currently. Do you really want to look back and realize in horror […]

Be Careful Who You Grant Power of Attorney To!

Do you really know what it means to grant someone power of attorney? If you don’t, that’s perfectly fine. Let’s start with the original definition and expand outward, shall we? Great! You see, a power of attorney is merely a document that gives someone (or even a group of people, if you really want them to have that type of control) the ability to act on your behalf, supposedly for your best interests. The person doesn’t even have to be an attorney, merely someone that you trust to make property, financial, and other types of […]

Study, Study and More Study

Many students find that once they start to study, they just get a need for more knowledge. Knowing how to access information and how exciting it can be to learn things, can make us want to learn more and more. Often this can be in areas outside what we are actually studying and we often think we do not have the time for it. You should not feel that just because you are working towards a qualification in the area of law, that you should not try looking in to other things as well. It […]

When to make a Compensation Claim

Sometimes it can be difficult to decide whether to make a compensation claim. There are quite a few concerns that you may have that could stop you from making the claim. The first of these may be the cost, you may wonder whether it is worth the effort or whether it is worth the stress. The costs associated with a compensation claim tend to be the fees of the lawyer. Lawyers do have a reputation for being expensive, but they are vital to making a compensation claim, in most cases. However, there is not always […]

Will Prop 39 Close The Loophole?

There has been a lot of buzz around Proposition 39 lately, and with good cause. This proposition promises to shut down a loophole in California that allows companies to evade at total of one billion dollars tax annually. What’s more, it promotes out of state rather than local labor. Whether or not you agree that this is a good idea you can see why many would. But does Proposition 39 really close the loophole? As any California business roundtable on Proposition 39 would tell you, yes it does. To an extent. As Proposition 39 proposes […]

Setting Goals for Law School Is Critical!

A lot of newcomers to the world of law school write me for advice, and I definitely appreciate the feedback. These questions help me really reflect on my own law school experience, and it causes me to come up with some good advice for you from every angle. One of the first questions that people ask me is what is the one thing that has made it so easy for me to stay at the top of my class. I’ll tell you without even charging you anything for the answer: it’s the fact that I […]

Landing an Internship While in Law School

One of the best things that you can do as a law student is look beyond the books. I know that’s hard to think about when it seems like the amount of homework just won’t quit, but there are other experiences in law school that you really need to collect. If you get too much into your studies, you will miss the opportunity to land an internship while you’re in school. Now, you might think that an internship really isn’t a big deal, but it is on many levels. Let’s start with the most obvious […]

Coping with Depression in Law School

Where does depression hurt? All jokes about commercials aside, depression hurts law students everywhere. People form all walks of life go through moments of depression, and law student really are no different. If you’re in law school and starting to feel the sharp pangs of depression, don’t worry — you are not alone. In fact, you’re actually in good — albeit silent — company. There are a lot of law student struggling with depression as they try to get used to a new world that will demand more of them than they could have ever […]

Combining Your Law Degree with Other Graduate Studies

Have you thought about combining your law degree studies with another graduate-style program? If you have, don’t worry — you’re in good company. Even if you haven’t thought much about combining your law degree, you will find that there is actually a lot of opportunity to pursue a joint degree — which is what the combination is called. You have a few options when it comes to pursuing a joint degree. You can cross your law degree with medicine (very common) or business (also very common). Not sure what to choose? Don’t worry; I actually […]

Yes, You Really Do Need a Real Estate Lawyer!

Here’s the obvious point: buying a home is a pretty big deal. However, even though that sounds obvious, you might be surprised at how many people really don’t bother trying to get a lawyer on their side at all. They think that a real estate lawyer isn’t necessary, and they can be skipped over. This is actually bad advice, because buying a home is a lot more complicated than it looks. It’s true — you really do need a real estate lawyer, but you might not be convinced until you really look at what a […]

The Legal High Points of Recording Conversations

Ah, the things people say. It can either get us in trouble, or it can help us. It just depends on what’s going on. If you are in the middle of a series of conflicts with someone, it does become tempting to record them eventually. Or you might just like the sound of someone’s voice, and you want to capture it on a recording to make sure that you have it. We all know about Watergate, the infamous case of recording gone wild in the White House during President Nixon’s time. However, that’s dealing with […]

Libel, Slander, and You – Avoiding Trouble and Big Fines

Libel. Slander. No matter which term people are using, it usually leads to one thing: big fines, and a lot of publicity. It’s something that a lot of people are interested in figuring out, especially after so many celebrities seem to fling these terms around. If you’re someone that really wants to know the difference between the two, then this guide is definitely for you! Let’s start with slander. Slander is when you say something about someone in a public manner that could harm the person’s reputation and cause damage. For example, you see this […]

Your First Trip to Small Claims Court – What to Do and What to Avoid

Small claims court is something that we tend not to think too much about — unless we’re sitting down on the couch to watch another episode of one of those daytime legal shows. However, if you find that you can’t get something worked out between you and an associate or even a business owner, small claims court might be just where you need to go. In a perfect world, everyone would be able to afford a lawyer, but there are just some cases that are honestly too small for a lawyer to take on. If […]

The Subtle Benefits of Having a Lawyer in Your Business Operations

Everyone has seen the Godfather at least a few times. If you haven’t, it’s definitely a great movie. You see, the real strength of the Godfather didn’t always come from the armed muscle on the streets, or even the politicians and policemen that the Don held in his back pocket. The real strength, if you will, came from the man that always seemed to be able to stay in the room when everyone else had to leave. That man was Tom Hagen, the lawyer for the Corleone family. When something legal needed to be taken […]

Hiring a Lawyer to Draft a Prenuptial Agreement

No one likes to mix legalese with the joys of becoming married, but the truth of the matter is that there comes a time to discuss the legal side of marriage. When two people are coming into a marriage with assets, it’s never a bad thing to get a legal agreement in place that basically says what happens when a divorce occurs. While no one wants to assume that their marriage will be one that ends in divorce, the truth of the matter is that you have to plan for everything. If you plan to […]

Hiring a Lawyer to Incorporate Your Company – Good Idea or Waste of Time

When it’s time to actually incorporate your company, you really don’t want to waste time. The truth is that if you really want to get the most favorable terms from the IRS, you will need to incorporate as soon as possible. Of course, you can actually incorporate later but you might end up running out of time to really get things done.  Then you’re stuck paying a lot more to the IRS and even filing multiple tax returns. If you incorporate later in the tax year, you will need to file a return for the […]

What Type of Documentation Do You Need to Give a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Getting into an accident, especially one that you know wasn’t your fault, can really take all of the energy out of your day. When you can step back and see all of the obligations that you’re missing out on because of someone else’s negligence, it can really make you angry. There’s nothing wrong with feeling angry, but you’ll need to do more than just get mad to take care of your family through all seasons. If you’ve been the victim of an accident, you need to make sure that you contact a personal injury lawyer […]

3 Things I Wish Someone Would Have Told Me About Law School!

It’s said that hindsight is 20/20, and no one knows that better than a law student. While I’m glad that I did make the choice to go to law school, there are numerous mistakes I made that I wish I had been able to fix. I can’t go back in time to fix them, but I can share with you the three big things that I wish someone would have told me about law school! First and foremost, I wish that someone would have told me how intense law school is compared to undergrad. I […]

Why Yes, Everyone in Law School is Competing with You

There’s a subject on this law school blog that keeps coming up, and that subject is competition. When a lot of people apply to law school, they think that they will be just fine. After all, didn’t they already endure four to five years of undergrad? Aw, how cute. You think that you know everything there is to going to law school because you went to undergrad. I hate to be smug, but you really have no idea what waits for you in law school until you’ve either heard the war stories of actual law […]

Talking to Your Parents About Going to Law School

When you’re thinking about going to college, chances are pretty good that you’re also thinking about something else: how to pay for it. There will come a time when you’re on your own, but what if you’re having your parents foot the bill? Of course, you really can’t get over the point that you’re definitely lucky. There are a lot of good things about being under your parents’ wing for the first few years of college. Your ability to pay for your education is going to be limited, and these days, not too many parents […]

Can You Find a Company to Pay For Law School?

If you’re already employed by a major company, then it’s safe to say that you have some work experience. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you can’t get a little more experience by going back to school. It’s all about staying in motion if you’re really serious about your career, and this means that you must make sure that you look into anything and everything that can help you move to the next level. If you’ve thought about law school, then you definitely wouldn’t be the last employee to think about it. There’s usually the […]

Law School to Kick Off a Second Career – Yes, You Can!

If your first career isn’t making you happy, don’t worry — you are definitely in good company. A lot of people find that they followed a certain script — go to school, get a good job, and try to raise a family. While that works out for many people, you shouldn’t be surprised if you find that your life could use a few improvements. For example, if you’ve always wanted to be a lawyer, you might have settled for something different in hopes that you will be able to get your life together. Maybe you […]

Don’t Allow Clinical Negligence to Put Your Life On Hold!

Clinical negligence is something that happens when we least expect it. After all, we’re trusting are primary care and even our emergency care physicians to take care of us during a point in our lives where we’re not able to take care of ourselves. We have to trust that they know what they’re doing, and that they do it properly. It’s not like people aren’t aware that doctors are under a lot of pressure and stress. However, that’s the nature of the job, and one has to simply do what one has to do in […]

Building a Support Network in Law School

So you got accepted to law school — congratulations! You’re definitely on your way to a new chapter in your life. However, if you really want to make sure that things go well for you in your new life, you will need to ensure that you are building a support network in law school from the first day that you attend. It might seem odd to try to build a network so fast, but when you look at it from the right perspective, you’ll actually find that it’s really not as far fetched as you […]

Children and Medical Negligence – What You Need to Know

Although we as parents try to do everything in our power to protect our children, there are some things that we simply don’t have a lot of control over. One of the things that we don’t have a lot of control over is medical care. When our children aren’t feeling well for one reason or another one of the first things we tend to do is make a doctor’s appointment. We trust the medical professionals to do everything in their power to make sure that our children start feeling better as soon as possible. Unfortunately, […]

Revising for Law Exams

Everyone knows that a big part of getting good qualifications is to do well at the exams. However, some people are better at exams than others and it is worth trying a few techniques to help you to get the best possible grade. With law, you will be expected to know about past cases and laws which are relevant to the subject you are studying. It is therefore a good idea to do some practice questions to see how much you have remembered. You should be able to ask your tutor to give you some […]

Studying Law

Deciding whether or not to study law can be a big decision. Obviously, choosing your future career is always a big decision, but with law it is even bigger. It is one of those careers, like being a doctor or vet, which takes a lot of study, commitment and hard work. There is also the future to consider. You will continually be having to update your knowledge in order to be successful at your job. This means that once you pass your bar examinations, you will not be able to stop there, but you will […]

Online Resources to Make Your Coursework Easier

While some professors may have the best of intent, they aren’t always the easiest to understand or very good at fully conveying their lessons. Whether you are attending one of the best certified colleges in Miami or one of the Ivy League schools in the Northeast, there is a good chance that you will need help at some point. For some students, going to a professor or TA for help is second nature, others struggle with asking for help. For those students who aren’t comfortable with asking professors for help, no need to stress. There […]

A Compensation Claim Is Your Right – Claim it Today!

Are you looking at trying to get just compensation after an accident? If not, you definitely should. You see, you will need to make sure that you can claim the money you need to start your life over. No one is expecting an accident, after all — that’s why it’s referred to as an accident. That’s why there’s a need to have compensation. You didn’t ask for an accident, you didn’t ask for someone to hurt you. So why should you suffer in silence? Why should you have to take drastic measures in order to […]

Children’s Medical Negligence Claims

Newborns Many medical negligence claims involving children relate to the treatment provided to new born babies. Most commonly, claims relate to issues surrounding the delivery of the baby, such as lack of oxygen or oxygen starvation during the birth or injury caused during instrumental delivery, due to inappropriate use of forceps or ventouse. Often, these claims relate to medical illnesses that may have been caused by problems during the birth, such as cerebral palsy, facial palsy and fractures of the skull. Older Children Often, medical negligence claims in older children are caused by errors in […]

I want to extend a lease what should I do?

Get advice on the process, start the formalities in the correct way and then negotiate with the freeholder in a nutshell, since most extensions do not require to be determined, in the sense of the premium payable, by a dispute going all the way to the Leasehold valuation Tribunal. Solicitors who specialise in flats lease extensions are able to assist individuals with residential flat leases to extend their leases. This area of law is very complicated and requires experienced solicitors and valuators to assist when extending a lease. Will all leases fit the criteria needed […]

What a divorce solicitor should do for you

Divorce is, by nature, unpleasant. It is natural that emotions will be running high throughout, and communication with your soon-to-be-former partner will not be desirable. This in mind, it is useful to know what to expect from your family law solicitor and the process itself. The main expectation is that they will work skilfully, efficiently and compassionately with you throughout, but what does that mean? Skilful representation: Given the wide range of things that need to be discussed during divorce proceedings, your solicitor should be willing to represent you fairly and effectively across the board. […]

Tech Trial Lawyers: One of the Greats

Some people are predestined for greatness. From an early age, they exhibit a precocity and determination that separates them from their peers. Their life story is a series of awe-inspiring milestones. Preeminent trial lawyer Morgan Chu did not come by success this way. He was more of a late-bloomer, having traversed a different route to earn five degrees from three of the country’s top universities. His is an intriguing story of a high school dropout from a family of hard-driving, academic high-achievers who finally realized that law was his passion. Education Even without finishing high school, […]

Work Accident Compensation Isn’t Just Wishful Thinking – It’s the Real Thing!

Getting hurt is never a good time, but getting hurt at work seems to take on multiple meanings at the same time. You see, it is never a great time to get hurt at all, but when you get injured at work you have to try to deal with the fact that there’s no way to hide the fact that you’re injured. If you work in a pretty competitive environment, this means that you already know that someone else is going to have to pick up the slack, and this is something that’s not going […]

Your Lawyer Is A Great Resource After You’ve Won the Lottery

It’s a moment that most people dream about: winning the lottery. After all — you’ve probably checked the Euromillions results once or twice, or another lottery for that matter. Winning the lottery is a dream that many people wish would come true. It would change a lot of things — sometimes, those changes might be stronger than we think. We don’t realize all of the things that change once we win something like the lottery — especially those big jackpots! You might not realize it at the beginning, but a lawyer is really one of […]

Personal Injury Lawyers

Personal injury claims are something that are becoming more and more common. People are beginning to understand more about making a claim and how important it is to find good representation. You need to consider that the lawyer will be putting your case forward in court. They will be explaining why you should get compensation. This means that they will have to do investigating first so that they can put together a good case. You want to make sure that the lawyer you choose gets good results and they are able to put a good […]

Saving Money on Your Law School books

Let’s face it — very few law school students have an unlimited budget. If you’re reading this, then you’re in good company. A lot of students find that their law school textbooks are a lot more expensive than their undergrad books ever were. I don’t quite know why this is, but I do know this: you can avoid some of the costs if you’re creative. There’s a few different ways to save money on those pesky law books: First and foremost, you can always get them used and save money instead of new. There’s really […]

8 Habits Of Highly Effective Business Owners

Effective business owners often have a good number of concrete factors working in their favor. They might have a great idea or an incredible intellect. They may have large amounts of money or simple know the right people. They often possess a good eye for talent, a strong sense of leadership, and a proclivity for taking risks at just the right time. These resources, assets, and intangibles are unfortunately not available to every business owner who seeks them. You can’t snap your fingers and accrue leadership skills or considerable wealth – in other words, you […]

Solicitors in Birmingham Are Waiting to Become Your Perfect Advocate!

Whether we’re talking about Birmingham or another area of the UK, one thing is clear: there are just times in life where you need an advocate. You need someone to stand by your side when you’re in the court system, and you can’t get your friends to do it. They really don’t have the expertise to manage their way through the system, and they won’t help you when you really need them most. Solicitors in Birmingham, on the other hand, are going to be there for you when you really need them to help you […]